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Criminal Defense


Montgomery County Criminal Defense Attorney

Marc Emden has represented hundreds of clients in Maryland and the District of Columbia facing criminal charges. If you are in need of a Rockville criminal lawyer as a result of being accused of a crime or arrested, he will aggressively protect your rights, whatever the charge:

  • Bond Reviews: Due to recent changes in the law, your lawyer now has greater access to the person who decides whether you must post a bond before you can be released from jail (commissioner) when a warrant has been issued for your arrest. This means that If the Court issues a warrant for your arrest, Mr. Emden can now attend your hearing before the (commissioner), This significantly improves your chances of avoiding the risk of spending time in jail before trial and also can save you money by getting the amount of bond reduced.
  • Fraud: Marc Emden handles all types of fraud cases, including charges of credit card fraud, and passing bad checks.
  • Burglary: Marc Emden handles all property crimes, including burglary, robbery, armed robbery, shoplifting, and all other property crimes.
  • Drugs: whether you’re charged with a misdemeanor or a felony, simple possession or possession with intent to distribute drugs , Marc Emden has the experience and talent to ensure that your constitutional rights are protected.
  • Assault: even “minor” charges of assault, or of assault and battery can carry serious consequences. A skilled criminal defense attorney can help you understand the potential consequences of a conviction, and can help you protect your rights.
  • Rape: Marc Emden has experience in defending sex offense cases, and can assist you in dealing with the particularly difficult circumstances you may encounter if you’ve been charged with rape, statutory rape, sexual contact with a minor, possession of illegal pornography, or any other sexual crime, among others.

Montgomery County, Maryland criminal defense attorney Marc Emden represents clients in the District of Columbia, and throughout Maryland including Rockville, Bethesda, Gaithersburg, Silver Spring in Montgomery County, as well as in Prince George’s County, Howard County, Dorchester County, Washington County, and other counties in Maryland. Contact us or call (301) 762-7007.

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