Why I Became a Lawyer?

The law should serve people, not bully them.

This is the belief that I have applied to every single case I have worked on since I started my law practice over 30 years ago. I know that people often find themselves facing the legal system unexpectedly, whether it’s a DUI arrest or dealing with an insurance company after you have been injured in a car crash. Facing the legal system can feel confusing and difficult; its limitless resources are intimidating, you may be too disheartened to fight back, or you may not know how to fight back. This is where I can help you.

My job is to take the weight of your case off your shoulders. As your attorney, I will explain the possible penalties you are facing, and the best path to take in your case. Should your case go to trial, I will prepare you for what to expect and how best to present your case. My main goal is to give you relief, and to win your case. I will, therefore, use all of my professional and personal powers to find ways to win acquittals, judgments, or settlements.

I am your sole attorney, which means that I and not an associate will personally handle your case from start to finish. With the help of my great staff, nothing will slip through cracks, as it may in a large firm where cases are often handed over from associate to associate. I will personally conduct your initial interview, personally request all the necessary documentation from authorities, and personally accompany you to hearings or trials in court.

The legal system, requires not only a strong command of the law, but also requires a diplomatic touch. I have been a personal attorney to individuals and businesses for over 30 years. During this time, I have built a favorable rapport with judges, prosecutors, and police officers. I often meet these individuals not only in professional environments, but also during social functions, and through my extensive involvement in bar associations and membership in legal committees.  I have developed a reputation for persuasive advocacy, legal scholarship, and high minded ethics.

Another benefit that comes with my extensive experience is my understanding of the specific hardships you may be facing. I understand that a history of alcoholism in the family may impact the reason you drank a little too much the night you were arrested for a DUI, or that a history of mental disabilities may be the reason you are facing criminal charges. I listen to my clients. I want to understand their struggles and to make sure that their personal hardships are taken into account when preparing the best case possible. The bottom line is that you have rights, and I will protect them.

Quick Tip

There are many situations in which you can create a private agreement between yourself and the petitioner. These agreements can help you avoid the many risks that come about from the public disclosure of your peace or protective order matter.

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