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At EmdenLaw we believe that it is important to understand your legal rights. We also believe in every individual having access to information about their legal rights. The following cites are helpful tools to aid you in protecting your legal rights.

Credit reporting agencies – request a credit report, put a security freeze on your account in the case of identity theft.

Identity Theft Laws

State Law

Other Law Offices

Though we cannot recommend a lawyer without knowing the facts of your matter, the following firms provide services outside of Maryland and may be useful in your search for legal counsel in other jurisdictions.

  • Top New City Lawyers practicing employment, practicing personal injury, employment law, divorce law, real estate and criminal defense law.
  • Banking, construction law, corporate law, energy and utilities law in New York, New Jersey, and Washington DC.
  • Personal Injury Attorneys in West Virginia, Practicing products, medical malpractice, and insurance litigation.
  • Business and commercial lawyers in Providence, Rhode Island. Also practicing personal injury and family law.
  • Personal Injury Attorney in Worchester, Massachusetts, Representing the rights of injured people.


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