Highlights of Cases for 2020

November 2020 – Client wins dismissal of charges for allegedly throwing construction tool against neighbor’s car.

November 2020 – Emdenlaw settles rear-end collision accident for $45,000 against USAA insurance

November 2020 – waiter charged with a crime after serving an underage customer sent in restaurant by police  as part of a “sting”operation, wins dismissal of his case after completing an educational program for servers which he had never attended before.

October 2020 – Mother of disabled son assaulted by father successfully proves “domestic abuse”  in a Protective Order trial in the District Court for Montgomery County, Maryland after Father denies committing the abuse.

October 2020 – In a peace order trial in the Circuit Court in Howard County, resident of condo successfully holds onto her peace order against next door neighbors who had harassed the resident for over year.

September 2020 – Emdenlaw succeeded in winning an expungement for a man whose misdemeanor charge was dismissed years earlier. The State’s Attorney had vigorously opposed
the expungement up to the time the Circuit Court for Frederick County granted the expungement.

September 2020 – Client convinces woman to sign private agreement to dismiss her peace order against the client who sought to avoid stigma of having a peace order entered him.
(Montgomery County District Court).

September 2020 – In a trial in the District Court for Anne Arundel County, Emdenlaw helps client defeat a peace order wrongfully filed by her neighbor who tried to use an illegally obtained video in court against the client.

August 2020 – Client convinces Judge at MVA  to restore her driver’s license which MVA had  suspended after she ran into two parked cars and after accidentally stepping on accelerator after spilling hot coffee on her lap.

August 2020 – Father of 5 successfully proves domestic abuse against his wife in a day long trial in the District Court for Prince George’s County.

August 2020 – Emdenlaw successfully negotiates the dismissal of protective orders to enable client to keep his job and to keep his professional reputation. (Circuit Court for Montgomery County)

August 2020 – Juvenile Court victory. Parents of 18-year-old child successfully obtained a dismissal of Petition against them.

July 2020 – Emdenlaw wins $208,000 in contested case for personal injuries filed in the Circuit Court for Prince George’s by woman who suffered head injury in a rear-end collision in Montgomery County occurring two- and one-half years prior.

July 2020 – Emdenlaw settles personal injury case for $206,000 brought by a woman who suffered a fractured leg in a bicycle accident in Annapolis (Anne Arundel County).

July 2020 – Two warring next-door neighbors settle cross peace order cases each filed against the other using a private agreement drafted by Emdenlaw.

Feb 2020 – Emdenlaw wins the appeal of roofing company which had been sued by a customer over alleged leaks in a roof  company had installed 10 years earlier. Case took over one year to conclude due to multiple appeals filed by the former customer.

April 2020 – Emdenlaw obtains a settlement of $25,200 for client injured In car accident,

January 2020 – Client facing 60 days in jail wins case after convincing Judge in Hagerstown District Court to throw out violation of probation case because that same judge had imposed an illegal sentence.

January 2020 – Client receives probation in US District Court in Greenbelt for his second dwi after attending several drug and alcohol treatment programs.

2017 Cases

Protective Order Dismissed When Other Side Shows Up Intoxicated
Practice Area: Domestic Violence / Protective Order
Date: Aug 21, 2017
Outcome: Protective order dismissed
Description: Client was falsely accused of assault by his estranged spouse and wanted to clear his name. Attorney’s job was made easier once the accuser fell apart on the witness stand because the accuser was impaired by drugs.

6 Felonies Dropped After Our Negotiation with County State’s Attorney
Practice Area: Criminal Defense / Identity Theft
Date: Aug 03, 2017
Outcome: Misdemeanor Convictions
Description: Client’s 6 felonies for credit card manufacturing were dropped after the State was convinced that they couldn’t prove 6 charges, leaving client with 2 misdemeanors.

Husband on Receiving End of Protective Order Prevails
Practice Area: Domestic Violence / Protective Order
Date: Aug 01, 2017
Outcome: Protective Order Dismissed
Description: On a police body video camera, wife falsely accused her spouse of assaulting her. After viewing the film, the Judge found that no assault occurred as claimed and dismissed the protective order.

Son Reunited with His Mother Following 60 Days of Jail
Practice Area: Criminal Defense / Drug Offense
Date: Jul 27, 2017
Outcome: Defendant Released from Custody
Description: Man accused of violating his probation was released to his family in spite of the prosecutor’s repeated attempts to keep him jailed simply because he refused to attend the Court’s Drug Court program and instead wanted to go to a therapist of his own choosing.

3 Domestic Violence (DV) Cases End with No Convictions
Practice Area: Domestic Violence / Protective Order
Date: Jan 01, 2017
Outcome: 4 Charges Dropped and Defendant Avoiding Criminal Record
Description: Client was charged in DV case which involved allegations of a mutual fight between spouses; the husband was charged with assault, violating a protective order and a host of other charges. Client admitted to two and received no criminal record with probation and therapy.

Protective Order
Practice Area: Domestic Violence / Security Clearance
Date: Feb 01, 2016
Outcome: Case Dismissed
Description: Husband’s security clearance was preserved after we discredited the Petitioner who claimed that she was a victim of domestic abuse. The Judge dismissed the protective order.

Protective Order Dismissed
Practice Area: Domestic Violence / Protective Order
Date: Jan 29, 2016
Outcome: Protective Order Dismissed
Description: We successfully negotiated a dismissal of a Protective Order which helped to establish peace in the family

Early 2016 – First Constitutional Challenge to Maryland’s Revenge Porn Law
Emdenlaw is currently involved in litigation to challenge the legality of Maryland’s new Revenge Porn law. Emdenlaw is the first in the State of Maryland to raise the question of whether the new law violates the 1st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The hearing will take place in early 2016.

2015 Cases

December 2015 – Victim’s Rights Victory
Using Maryland’s bill of rights for victims of crimes, Emdenlaw joined efforts with the Montgomery State’s Attorney’s office to assist in the prosecution of a neighbor responsible for the crimes of malicious destruction of property, harassment, trespassing, and noise violations against our client. Through our efforts, the “neighbor from hell” was convicted of multiple crimes including perjury and obstruction of justice, and sentenced to eight months in jail.

June 2015 – Hit and Run Charges Dismissed
Our client, who suffered a seizure while driving, won a dismissal of hit and run charges filed against her when Emdenlaw convinced the State’s attorney that the seizure was a sudden and unexpected medical situation which legally excused her errant driving behavior. Our client was able to avoid a criminal conviction and instead retained her driving privileges.

May 2015 – Protective Order Dismissed
Emdenlaw successfully negotiated a dismissal of a petition for Protective Order filed against our client in exchange for his agreement to the terms of a separation agreement with his wife. As a result of this negotiation, the client avoided a record and further disclosure of a domestic violence order against him.

April 2015 – Felony Sex Offense Charge Dropped
Plea discussions lead to a felony charge being reduced to a misdemeanor. Our young adult client charged with assaulting his underage girlfriend received probation with the requirement that he participate in a domestic violence course.

April 2015 – Performing Home Improvement without a License
Emdenlaw represented a business owner charged with providing home improvement services without a license. The affected customers resided in five different counties around the state of Maryland. Emdenlaw successfully negotiated agreements with prosecutors in all counties to the charges in exchange for the payment of restitution and other costs. The business owner avoided convictions for any criminal charges and was spared any jail time.

March 2015 – Possession of Counterfeit Currency – Not Guilty Verdict
Because of our trial advocacy skills, Emdenlaw won an acquittal in Federal Court on the charge of possession of counterfeit currency in part because we successfully persuaded the judge to prohibit the Government from using its expert to testify against our client. The court found that the Government had failed to notify us pretrial of their intention to call this expert witness.

2014 Cases

November 2014 – Possession with Intent to Distribute
Emdenlaw persuaded the State to drop felony charges of distribution against a client accused of selling marijuana to students at a local school. A misdemeanor charge was instituted instead, in exchange for client’s participation in an intensive drug treatment program.

May 2014 – Theft Charges Dropped
When a client was accused of pawning stolen jewelry at a local pawn shop, Emdenlaw convinced the police not to press charges, in exchange for our client paying the pawn shop the value of stolen items.

May 2014 – Slip and Fall Claim Recovery
Emdenlaw favorably settled a personal injury case against a local pawn shop where our client slipped and fell on the wet floor inside the store.

March 2014 – Drunk Driving
Emdenlaw convinced the judge to give our client probation before judgement, and no record or points on her license, after our client drove while impaired by alcohol and struck a telephone pole.

March 2014 – Settlement for Personal Injuries
Our client was struck by a car while she was walking within a crosswalk, sustaining serious personal injuries. Emdenlaw helped the client file a claim against the driver’s insurance company, and settled the case for the policy limit of $300,000.

March 2014 – Driving Charge Reduced
Our client was charged with a hit-and-run involving a road rage incident. Emdenlaw persuaded the State to drop charges in exchange for a plea to reckless driving. Our client received probation before judgement.

March 2014 – Shoplifting Charges Dropped
Emdenlaw succeeded in having all charges dropped against a client charged with shoplifting. We obtained and presented a photo of the actual perpetrator, who was our client’s former roommate, and were able to convince the State’s attorney that the thief had used the client’s identity to trick the police into charging the wrong person.

February 2014 – Assault Charge Dismissal
Emdenlaw negotiated a plea to a misdemeanor charge of disturbing the peace for a client originally charged with assault after being arrested for striking his wife. The client avoided jail time and was successful in having the restraining order entered against him removed from the public judiciary database.

February 2014 – Drug Offense Victory
Client found to have used his parent’s house for drug activity and charged with various drug related offenses including a felony drug charge. Emdenlaw negotiated a plea to conspiracy, which is a misdemeanor, allowing the client to avoid jail time and receive substance abuse treatment instead.

2013 Cases

February 2013 – Driving on a Revoked License Charge Dropped
Marc Emden got the State to drop his client’s driving on a revoked license charge, allowing him to continue driving which enabled him to maintain his job and receive treatment for a mild mental health condition.

January 2013 – No Prior Record Proved
Marc Emden persuaded the Maryland State Police that they had wrongly prevented a man from purchasing a firearm after they had incorrectly read his criminal history, believing that he had been convicted of a crime 30 years earlier. He had actually received a verdict without a finding of guilty.

January 2013 – 6 Serious Traffic Charges Dropped
Mr. Emden’s client was accused of ignoring the command of a police officer. The officer was directing traffic when the Defendant allegedly ignored the order to halt. The charges included reckless driving, aggressive driving, and willfully disobeying a lawful order of a police officer. Mr. Emden’s was able to prove that his client acted reasonably under the circumstances, and the Judge dropped all the charges!

January 2013 – Marc Emden Convinces Judges Not to Jail Woman Convicted of 3rd Theft
Prior to trial, Mr. Emden encouraged this client to undergo mental health treatment. Subsequently, Mr. Emden persuaded the State to reduce the charge from a 5 year maximum to a 90 day maximum. In the end, Mr. Emden was able to convince the Judge that a sentence of probation was adequate, with all jail time suspended.

2012 Cases

December 2012 – District Court Judge Denies Petitioner’s Request for a Protective Order
Marc Emden successfully represented the estranged brother of a woman who had filed a protective order against him. She had alleged that he took her daughter without permission, and assaulted another family member during a domestic argument. When Mr. Emden showed that the woman’s allegations were untrue, the Judge denied her petition.

October 2012 – Marijuana Possession Charges Dropped
Marc Emden got the Assistant State’s Attorney for Washington County to drop the possession of marijuana charges after convincing the prosecutor that he would lose his case if it went to trial.

September 2012 – Marc Emden Keeps Man with 4 Prior DUIs Out of Jail for His 5th Offense
Subsequent to the client engaging in activities recommended by Mr. Emden during the period leading up to trial, the Judge was persuaded by Mr. Emden that the significant amount of treatment that the client had undergone, and his willingness to participate in a road crew amounted to a reasonable sentence.

2011 Cases

Father Reunited with Children
In a bond review hearing before a District Court Judge, Mr. Emden convinced the judge to reduce a very high bond to a bond of only $2,500. He also convinced the judge to eliminate the “ no contact” provision of a court order which had prevented his client from seeing his children. As a result of this ruling, the parent, who had been charged with assault, false imprisonment of his child, and multiple counts of violating a protective order against his wife, won the right to have visitation with his children.

Driving Privileges Reinstated
Mr. Emden successfully negotiated with the MVA and the State’s Attorneys in Anne Arundel and Montgomery Counties on behalf of a client who had been charged with DWI, driving on a suspended license, and driving without insurance. He won back the client’s right to drive after she had spent the prior five years commuting to work on public transportation.

Emden Goes Toe to Toe with Montgomery County
Mr. Emden successfully argued and won a $10,000 verdict from a Montgomery County District Court Judge after the Montgomery County government refused to settle a case in which a Ride-On bus driver negligently closed the bus door on an elderly woman’s arm as she stepped off the bus and then started to drive away with her hanging outside the bus.

Petitioner Persuaded to Dismiss Protective Order
Mr. Emden negotiated a settlement on behalf of his client who had a protective order against him which alleged threats of imminent serious bodily injury, breaking and entering and theft. As a result of negotiations with Mr. Emden, the petitioner agreed to dismiss the protective order, thereby preserving the reputation of the client.

No Jail Time for Hit and Run Driver
Despite evidence that the client was involved in a hit and run automobile accident, Mr. Emden successfully negotiated a plea bargain with the State’s Attorney in which the client pled guilty to a lesser charge and avoided jail.

Community Service for Breaking and Entering Charge
Two friends broke into their old high school to reminisce about the good old days – and were arrested. Mr. Emden persuaded the State’s Attorney to drop their charges and to avoid jail time by performing community service.

Harassment and Misuse of Telephone Charges Dropped
While Mr. Emden’s client was going through a difficult divorce, his wife charged him with the criminal charges of harassment and misuse of a telephone. As a result of his investigation and successful negotiations, Mr. Emden was able to persuade the State’s Attorney to drop all charges against his client.

$166,000.00 Settlement for Pedestrian Struck in a Crosswalk
Mr. Emden’s 77 year-old client was struck by a negligent driver while she was walking inside of a crosswalk and suffered serious injuries. In April of 2010, after filing a law suit against the negligent driver, Mr. Emden negotiated a settlement with the insurance company which agreed to settle the case out of court.

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There are many situations in which you can create a private agreement between yourself and the petitioner. These agreements can help you avoid the many risks that come about from the public disclosure of your peace or protective order matter.

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