Have You Been Accused of or Arrested for Fraud?

Marc Emden has represented hundreds of clients in Maryland and the District of Columbia facing criminal charges involving fraud offenses. He knows about the professional, reputational, and financial consequences of facing fraud charges. If you are in need of a Rockville criminal lawyer as a result of being accused of a crime, he will aggressively protect your rights, whatever the charge.

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In Maryland, fraud charges can stem from writing bad checks, credit card fraud, identity fraud, counterfeiting, crimes against estates and fraudulent acts regarding vulnerable adults.  Even “minor” charges of fraud can carry serious consequences. A skilled criminal defense attorney can help you understand the potential consequences of a conviction and can help you protect your rights.

If you have been charged with any type of fraud offense in Maryland or in Washington D.C., Marc Emden is ready to work with you to build the best possible legal defense and to help you win your case. After practicing law for over 30 years, Marc Emden has the skills to help you in your criminal case.

If you were arrested for fraud, you will need the advice of a skilled and aggressive fraud defense lawyer who will investigate your case and challenge the government’s case at every turn.

Over the many years of representing hundreds of people charged with this crime, Marc Emden has found that sometimes a person charged with some simpler forms of fraud may have done so unaware.  For example, the person who wrote a bad check may have had a good faith belief that there were funds to back the check.  Sometimes fraud can be the result of financial desperation, or drug or alcohol abuse, or a mental health disorder, which does not excuse the behavior but provides some context for why someone may have committed an act of fraud. Marc Emden will explore questions like, how serious was the act or acts of fraud and how seriously was the victim harmed?  Were drugs or alcohol involved?  Does the person have a mental health issue?  Was this a case of desperation by someone in financial straights?

When it is helpful, Marc Emden of Rockville, Maryland, will work closely with a psychiatrist or other experts who can evaluate the state of circumstances involving your offense. The circumstances surrounding the incident should play a key role in developing a defense strategy to fight or minimize fraud charges.

Fraud includes writing bad checks, misuse of credit cards, identity theft, commercial or public fraud, counterfeiting and other monetary crimes, crimes against Estates, crimes against vulnerable adults, and even racing a horse under a false name.  In Maryland, a person convicted of engaging in any type of fraud, depending on the value of the fraudulent act or acts, could be charged with a misdemeanor or a felony.  If convicted of the most serious fraud felonies, the person could face up to 20 years of incarceration.  A fraud conviction of any type has significant consequences beyond jail. It is considered a crime of moral turpitude, which means a conviction would legally bar a person from any position of trust.  A fraud crime in Maryland can often have a significant effect on security clearance, immigration and employment, including the deportation of resident aliens.  Some acts of fraud, particularly counterfeiting, could bring both Federal and State criminal charges.

It is crucial that if you are charged with assault you remember not to make any statements to the police, and contact Marc Emden immediately. Please call us at (301) 762-7007.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be accused of fraud if I “fudge the numbers” on a mortgage or car loan application?

Knowingly providing false information on a mortgage or loan application can result in fraud charges.  Lending institutions are governed by Federal and State lending laws and it is vital that loan applicants are honest in their applications.

If I get a good tip on a stock, and I buy it, is that fraud?

It would depend on how you got the tip.  If you are discussing your investment options with your broker or with another person you trust for advice, and you act on advice they provide you with based on things like reading the company’s financial disclosures as well as their gut instincts, that would not constitute fraud.  However, if you learn some inside secrets from a person with knowledge of the inner workings of the company, and act on that information, you could be charged with insider trading.

Can only private individuals be charged with fraud?

Fraud can be committed by private individuals, business partners, organizations and even government officials and entities.  Fraud always involves providing false information with the intent to defraud another person.

Is telling a lie the same as fraud?

Not necessarily.  While any lie is a dishonest act, it may or may not constitute fraud.  In order for a lie to also be an act of fraud, it must be with the intent to deceive, and it must have a significant impact on the matter at hand.  For example, if you lie to a loan officer that you really like his tie when you think it is ugly, in order to “butter him up” in hopes of securing a loan, that would not constitute fraud.   However, if you lie to him about your income in hopes of securing the same loan, that would constitute fraud.

If I am charged with fraud in a Maryland Court, can I also be charged in Federal Court for the same conduct?

Yes. You can be charged in both courts. Many acts of fraud that are a violation of state law are also in violation of Federal Law.  This would especially be true in cases involving counterfeiting money, bank fraud and any type of fraud involving interstate commerce.

Please note that these answers should not be construed as legal advice in all situations. You should speak with an attorney before making any decisions about your legal matter. These answers are intended only to provide general information.

Have You Been Accused of or Arrested for a Fraud Crime?

Rockville criminal defense lawyer Marc Emden represents fraud offenses in the District of Columbia, and throughout Maryland including Rockville, Bethesda, Gaithersburg, Silver Spring in Montgomery County, as well as Prince George’s County, Howard County, Frederick County, Anne Arundel County, and other counties in Maryland.

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