I was going through the lowest point in my life when my husband filed a protective order against me after an altercation. I was devastated, scared and hopeless. From the very first time I met Mr. Emden to the conclusion off my case, I felt protected and optimistic because of his knowledge of the law and also the judicial system. Mr. Emden demonstrated a level of ethics and legal knowledge that greatly exceeded my expectations. Mr. Emden showed concerns for me not just as a client but also as a fellow human being going through a tough time. I was at a loss and the lowest point of my life. His moral support was genuine and it gave me hope in humanity knowing there are good people in this world. Reasonable fees, extremely knowledgable, high moral ethic, and supportive–he is an attorney unmatched by any Rockville!

Kristi N

Incredibly thankful to Mr. Marc Emden. He is genuinely kind, caring, and exudes confidence. Mr. Emden is pragmatic, tactful, knowledgeable, reassuring, trustworthy, and his presence demands respect. He took the time to ensure my family and I understood the situation. He made a conscious and successful effort to inspire. An absolute gem of a person and an attorney. Highly recommend.


I was scared and out of options. I didn’t know what to do. I took a leap of faith and called Mr. Emden. He met with me immediately to go over my case. His price was more than fair. The next day I walked in the courtroom scared and walked out empowered. Mr. Emden listened, understood, and came up with a plan to protect my rights and protect my family. He’s a no-nonsense attorney who is extremely professional and skilled. He has a kind heart and is ready for the fight, even if you’re not. He’s a David for any Goliath you may be facing!

Stephanie W.

Marc is straight forward and knows the law. My family was faced with a horrible situation and Marc was there every step of the way. Passionate about his clients. Passionate about the law. Always available.

Anonymous Source

An excellent lawyer Law Firm “Emdenlaw” with excellent lawyer Mr. Marc. I had a traffic violation problem that led me to the Emden Law Firm. I meet attorney Mr. Marc, and we discussed my case, and he was very honest to informed base on his experience the outcome of the trial because of the severity of the infraction committed. He possesses excellent professionalism and knowledgeable about his practice. Finally…


Marc represented me in two cases stemming from the same incident, Marc was always professional, caring and knowledgeable. He negotiated the best possible outcome for me and I will be forever grateful to him. His genuine concern and understanding for me were truly a big help and an enormous support to me at a very difficult time. I would recommend Marc to anyone I meet. Thanks, Benjamin

Benjamin A

I chose Marc to represent me in my traffic violations case based on his reviews and I was very happy with the outcome and how he handled the case. He went to great extent to protect my interests, let me know how things work and to allay my anxiety. He negotiated a good outcome. I highly recommend him. He is also a very nice person.


Marc was extremely smart and did an excellent job. I could not be more pleased. His strategy was extremely effective. He took steps to do research on the case, spoke to the appropriate authorities and got my case dismissed as it was based on fraudulent accusations. After speaking with about 8 other attorneys, I feel very lucky to have found such an extremely smart efficient and caring attorney. He explained his strategy and worked rapidly to get the work done. He charged me a fair rate and had me “pay as we go” so as not to charge me a large sum when the “end” was not evident. I truly trust Marc Emden and gladly recommend him.

Judy S

Mr. Emden handled my teenager’s case professionally and even with compassion. He made sure she understood everything about her case. She felt comfortable with him and with following his legal advice. I appreciated his concern and his willingness to answer our endless questions.

Carrie W

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